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We provide free job posting in uk, advertise a job and help to find best candidate to your respected organization. Post your vacancy on the world’s largest professional job search site to access exceptional candidates other sites cannot reach.

Direct employers and recruitment companies can choose from a range of services, including job advertising with full applicant management, online CV search, a platform for specifically hiring best candidates with us find your ideal candidate and advertise job. has given job seekers free access to thousands of jobs from thousands of company websites and recruitment companies find online candidate’s CV.

First  of all employ-direct is almost one type of engine seems like job engine. As a result employ-direct have almost thousands of company who post their jobs. Employers post especially relevant jobs and their job post most noteworthy related the location of UK. As a result we will reach UK’s Number one job engine and furthermore we are best job provider and find your ideal candidate and advertise job.

Many job providers are active on network, first of all they provide free job posting and in conclusion ask you to buy their job posting package. As a result we are best in employment so probably we have lots of companies.

Compare to another job provider and since 2016 the vanguard of a new wave of sophisticated online recruitment therefore companies should be investing time much as possible.

In conclusion and as a result of employment it’s not easy with internet and rather offline employment also costly in addition to time consuming and therefore online recruitment is easy and not as costly as offline. In addition to one resume, candidate can upload more than one resume which seems like to apply for most of all companies.

While analyze the hiring process, most of all the companies jobs were visible to candidates therefor we got more traffic as candidate and lots of resumes on our site.


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Advertise job on the world’s largest professional job site and reach candidates you can’t find anywhere else.

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