Employer Dashboard

Employers get access of employer dashboard and do job listing create date and expiry date and also can edit, delete and mark filled of job listing with title .

At Employ-direct, we take the work out of finding your ideal job or employee. Applying big data and algorithm technology, our interactive online service bypasses the need for expensive, and ultimately subjective, recruitment services .

Find the best job vacancies UK on world’s largest Job engine Employ-direct.com. We provide a reliable, efficient and transparent method of matching a global pool of recruiters and compatible candidate, at a fraction of traditional recruitment cost .

Free Sign up to join the online recruitment revolution, and begin reaping the workplace rewards. Employer also get also own employer dashboard, so employer easily do job listing create date and expiry date and also edit and mark filled of job listing with job title .

Employ-direct.com provide platform for thousands of organizations to fulfill their online recruitment and needs.

Direct employers and recruitment companies can choose from a range of services, including job advertising with full applicant management, online CV search, a platform for specifically hiring best candidates .

Employer Dashboard
Employer Dashboard | Access Your Job Posting | Employ-direct.com

has given job seekers free access to thousands of jobs from thousands of company websites and recruitment companies find online candidate’s CV. employer access them job listing any where, any time and also use mobile for this all access .

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